Boyd’s Resume

1042 East Fort Union Blvd. #135
Midvale,  UTAH  84047
(801) 849-0213


System and Design Engineering

  • Project Engineer
  • Communication/Security  Specialist
  • Hardware Development and Support Engineer
  • Assistant Project Engineer
  • Lead Test Engineer
  • System Electrical Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • System Designer
  • Presentation Coordinator
  • Designer

Software Engineering

  • Programmer (Assembly, BIOS, C, C++, Fortran, Perl, PHP, Python, Misc. and Lisp)
  • DOS, Windows, and NT (SDK and DDK) Programmer
  • UNIX Programmer (Device Drivers and Graphical User Interfaces)
  • UNIX OS (Berkeley, Ultrix, System V.x, SCO UNIX’s…)
  • LINUX OS (Many Distributions)
  • BSD, Mainly FreeBSD
  • Virus Detection and Screening Engineer
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Advance Marketing and Future Plans Developer
  • Simulation Software Development Engineer
  • Network Administrator (Novell, UNIX, VMS)
  • UNIX System Administrator
  • Database Administrator (MySQL,Oracle)
  • Web/Internet/Misc Internet Related
  • Web Design, Optimization, Misc


  • Unix, System Administration, Kernel, Device Driver’s,…
  • Windows and Windows Programs
  • AutoCad, and many others
  • Networking
  • Creative Problem Solving and Personal Life Improvement (Life Coach)

NetWork Marketer



CEO/Owner, Manager, Consultant (Business, Communication, Computer, Misc) Communication Specialist, Creative Problem Solving. Inspirational, Motivational Coach ZENEZ/B L G Specialties 1979-Present
Support MySQL AB 2003/06-2004/01
UNIX Specialist Profit Pro Inc 1993
System/Software Engineer/BIOS Sperry/UNISYS Corporation 1983-1992
Owner/Builder, General/Small Business/Residential Construction,Framing Finishing Carperentry, Cabinate Maker, Custom Products (Utah and California) B L G Construction 1978-1999
Construction Supervisor Robert I Bowles Construction 1971-1978
Professional Network Marketing Network Marketer Many 1979-Present

EDUCATION and Special Training:
Mathematics, Physics  UNIVERSITY OF UTAH & BYU
Fiber Optics Seminars
Digital Satellite Communications and Error Correction and Coding Classes and Seminars
System Engineering Courses
Advanced UNIX and System Administration Courses
Many other Classes.
Self Taught

INTERESTS and Accomplishments:
Communication, Creative Problem Solving, Inspiration, Motivation, Computers and Electronics, Fly fishing, Hiking, Camping, Travel, Eagle Scout, Woodbadge, German fluency

National Junior Honor Society & National Honor Society
Many Who’s Who Awards and Listings.

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