Included in this section are those procedures which deal with personnel including both functional and position guides,employees handbook and topoics for consideration for inclusion, etc.


Z-2000.blg Functional Guide - Engineering Manager
Z-2001.blg Functional Guide - Assembly Foreman
Z-2002.blg Functional Guide - Machine Shop Foreman
Z-2003.blg Functional Guide - Quality Control Manager
Z-2004.blg Functional Guide - Safety Manager
Z-2005.blg Functional Guide - Controller, Production Control, Plant Maintenance Mgr.
Z-2006.blg Functional Guide - Project Manager
Z-2007.blg Functional Position Sheet - How to Develop a Functional Guide
Z-2008.blg Position Guide - Board of Directors
Z-2009.blg Position Guide - President
Z-2010.blg Position Guide - General Manager
Z-2011.blg Position Guide - Controller
Z-2012.blg Position Guide - Office Manager
Z-2013.blg Position Guide - Purchasing Manager
Z-2014.blg Position Guide - Credit Manager
Z-2015.blg Position Guide - Production Manager
Z-2026.blg Position Guide - Sales & Marketing Manager
Z-1027.blg Position Guide - Chief Estimataor
Z-2018.blg Position Guide - Engineering Manager
Z-2019.blg Position Guide - Quality Assurance Manager
Z-2020.blg Position Guide - Safety Manager
Z-2021.blg Position Guide - Machine Shop Foreman
Z-2022.blg Position Guide - CNC Operator
Z-2023.blg Position Guide - Machinist
Z-2024.blg Position Guide - Operator
Z-2025.blg Position Guide - Shift Supervisor
Z-2026.blg Position Guide - Assembly Foreman
Z-2027.blg Position Guide - Shipping & Receiving Manager
Z-2028.blg Position Guide - Warehouse Foreman
Z-2029.blg Position Guide - Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Z-2030.blg Employee Performance Evaluation
Z-2031.blg Employee Evaluation handbook - A How to to Help in Evaluations
Z-2032.blg Employee Compensation Program
Z-2033.blg Employee Incentive Plan

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