These procedures are those which would come under the general classification of how to manage the administrative functions of a company. Also included in this category would be those involved with the organization structure.


Z-1001.blg Mission Statement Development
Z-1002.blg Management Backup Procedure
Z-1003.blg Delegation of Authority for Management Positions
Z-1004.blg Delegation of Authority Form
Z-1005.blg Functional Oganization Chart - How to Develop
Z-1006.blg Position Organization Chart - How to Develop
Z-1007.blg Owner/Senior Management Goals & Objectives Questionnaire
Z-1008.blg Scheduling Procedure
Z-1009.blg Wage Management Control program
Z-1010.blg Employee Compensation Program
Z-1011.blg Management Advisory Committee
Z-1012.blg Employee Incentive Plan
Z-1013.blg Employee Questionnaire
Z-1014.blg Management Questionnaire
Z-1015.blg Purchasing Controls
Z-1016.blg Purchasing Procedures

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